Kiwi Way Education is here to guide you through your academic goals. That’s why we have flexible and customised plans for every student.

Our services

Kiwi Way Education provides a full consultancy service to students who wish to study overseas. We can assess prospective students and provide guidance on enrolment and general requirements to study in any of the multiple destinations that we offer.

Kiwi Way Education can arrange various types of accommodation, such as homestay, hall of residence, rooms and flats. In New Zealand, it is required by the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice Amendments 2019 that safety checks are carried out in accordance with the Code of Practice. For more information about the code, please visit this web.

Kiwi Way Education can organise travel for international students within and/or outside New Zealand. This may include the purchase of air or bus tickets, other means of transport, airport pick-up and drop-off.

Kiwi Way Education ensures that their international students have the appropriate medical and travel insurance for the purpose of studying and living in New Zealand. We have partnered-up with Southern Cross Medical and Travel Insurance.

Kiwi Way Education can assist with the assessment of documents required to study overseas. This may include translations, validation of overseas qualifications through the relevant authorities, enrolment, visa applications, etc.

Kiwi Way Education is the official education agent that is able to enrol their students in their selected school. We act on behalf of the student in order to submit the relevant documents for such process.

Kiwi Way Education has partnered-up with Complete Visas to ensure our students can apply for their visas in New Zealand. Our company works closely with third-party organisations for the application of visas in other countries other than New Zealand.

Kiwi Way Education offers one-on-one support to international students who study and live in New Zealand. A dedicated person provides communication between the school, the student, the families, and any other relevant parties. The agent care service is very comprehensive and includes tasks such as getting a new bank account, bus card, student wellness, etc.

Kiwi Way Education has incorporated “Career Planning” as part of a new range of services. A career planner provides guidance and advice on the work environment, making life and career decisions.

Kiwi Way Education can help their students have a better understanding of their Record of Achievement (ROA). This is an important process for young and senior students who are determined to pursue higher academic goals.

Kiwi Way Education will soon be offering online tutoring. This new service will allow students to have that extra support when they need it. It will be available for New Zealand students and international students studying within the NCEA programme.


Paula - 22 yrs

I am very grateful with Kiwi Way Education because they’ve helped on my journey from the get go, assisting me on every single thing. Every time I had a query, they would reply to me immediately. When I arrived in New Zealand, they picked me up at the airport and took me to the homestay that they had chosen for me. They selected the homestay family very carefully and they always checked on, making sure I was happy and fully adapted to my new home. The best thing about my trip was without doubt the homestay family who treated me like one of them and whom I consider like my family too. They will be in my heart forever.

Dario - 19 yrs

Hi everyone, I am Dario Perez from Argentina and I want to tell you about my experience with Kiwi Way. First of all, this is my second time in New Zealand with Kiwi Way Education. The first time was in 2017 when I came to study high school at Christchurch Boys High School. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had with Veronica’s help. She guided me all the way through. The second time it was exactly the same. Every time I had a something to ask, I just reached out to them and they would give me advise whenever I needed. So I think if you're going on a study trip I recommend Kiwi Way Education and this beautiful country called New Zealand

Valentina - 16 yrs

This experience has opened the doors to new friends and family from another country. I had put a lot of thoughts on whether I should do it or not, and making the decision to do it was the best decision I've ever made. I learn about a new culture, improve my English, visit a new country, meet new people, food and lifestyle. I would do it over and over again. I never felt I was alone as I had my homestay family, the school and friends. Veronica was always there giving me support and assistance. I have left New Zealand but I am pretty sure that I will come back one day.